The World's Leading BiPV Solution in Africa


Onyx Solar (BiPV)

The World's Leading BiPV Solution


Why Onyx Solar? 

Onyx Solar´s products have been awarded by more than 20 prestigious entities worldwide, including:

  • Most Innovative Glass Product of 2015 granted by the National Glass Association of the USA and the Window & Door Dealers Alliance.

  • Best outdoor product of 2015 granted by the Architect´s Newspaper which defined Onyx Solar as a “Game Changer”.

  • Best of what’s new of 2015 granted by the Magazine Popular Science.

  • Best Turnkey Project Award of 2015 granted by the Solar International Association for its “innovative manufacturing and product approach that have the potential to change the way we live”

  • 1 in the Top 10 Gensler´s Products List (the largest architectural firm in the world by revenue).

Our proven experience in Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) enables us to be the more reliable partner in all the stages of the project: Design, custom glass manufacturing, mechanical and electrical engineering, performance monitoring and management. As BiPV experts Onyx Solar have completed BIPV projects all around the world including the largest integrated photovoltaic skylight in the World. 

Our Building Integrated Photovoltaic - BiPV - systems can turn the roof, the windows or the curtain wall of a building into a complete, multifunctional, high-performing, solar-energy power plant. Onyx Solar counts on the most extensive and innovative approach to design and implement BiPV applications.

About Onyx Solar 

Why use Onyx Solar Glass 

Our Glass Produces Energy......Now, Does Your Building Glass Do That?

The solutions replace conventional materials such as glass or ceramics for a constructive material with photovoltaic properties in ventilated façades and roofs, curtain walls, skylights, non slip PV floor, etc.

The idea is to incorporate photovoltaic properties to building envelopes to allow to them to produce clean and free energy from the sun from an aesthetical and feasible point of view.
Multi-functional Building Integrated Photovoltaic Solutions Allow The Following:

entry of natural light
provide both thermal and sound insulation
they filter out harmful radiation (absorbing ultraviolet and infrared radiation)
produce clean, free energy thanks to solar power
avoid CO2 emmisions 
feature an innovative, customised design which can be integrated perfectly into any type of building


The World Leader in BiPV

​Advantages of using Onyx Solar Glass 

Electricity production
Energy saving due to insulation properties (up to 30-40%)
Greater insulation performance
Elimination of thermal bridges
Thermal inner comfort
Reduction of acoustic pollution
Wall and roof protection
Greater energy yield under low irradiation conditions
Greater energy yield under high temperature conditions
Attractive and innovative design


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