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ACES Asset Management

ACES Asset Management offers comprehensive Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services that encompass performance management and the oversight of projects constructed by third-party entities.


Maintaining relationships that last

Our experience of over seven years in the O&M of solar power stations enables us to look after our customers’ assets as if they are our own - diligently caring for the useful life of assets, maximising their profitability, streamlining their performance and availability, and minimising their consumption and operating costs.


Operations and Maintenance

We provide standard services associated with operating and maintaining solar power projects. Mostly, our contracts have a tenor of two to ten years, but some O&M contracts go up to 20 years as well.


Key Offerings

  • On-site flash testing of PV modules (Sun Simulator / Flash Tester A+A+A+
class, Best in class)

  • On-site EL testing of PV modules
(Electroluminescence Tester, On site
EL tester, Best in class)

  • On-site I-V array testing of strings /
modules (Best in class)

  • On-site thermography of PV modules
(Infrared Imaging, Best in class)

Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 13.19.08.png


Other Offerings

  • Performance engineering analysis

  • Regular performance reporting

  • 24*7 (CMS) real-time performance
monitoring and improvement

  • Environmental regulatory compliance
and management services

  • Turnkey maintenance services, including
spare parts and corrective

  • Warranty management



Our Expertise

  • Drone Thermography

  • Mechanised and Robotic Cleaning

  • IV Curve Diagnostic

  • In-house Cable Fault Locating System

  • Computerised Maintenance
Management System

  • Strong Analytics and Predictions

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