Environmental Policy 

ACES Africa (Pty) Ltd, Environmental Policy


Company Policy

A) Relevant Business Principle

ACES Africa actively seeks to minimise and manage its impact on the environment through
its daily operations and services.

B) Purpose

To integrate environmental management into our daily operations.

To improve our sustainability.

Assist our customers in reducing their carbon footprint and increase their green ratings
through the use of energy efficient lighting, automation and renewable energy solutions.


This Policy is an Official Policy of ACES Africa (Pty) Ltd and applies to all levels of the


1. ACES Africa’s operations and services allow us to promote and integrate high
standards of environmental management in order to reduce environmental impact
for the company and our clients.
2. ACES Africa will monitor and comply with all environmental laws as well as relevant
standards and practices.
3. ACES Africa will manage activities to prevent/minimise pollution and negative
carbon footprint acceleration.
4. ACES Africa strive to improve resource consumption efficiency and minimise waste
generation in our operations.
5. ACES Africa ensure understanding of environmental requirements and
implementation of standards among employees, suppliers, and sub-contractors.
6. ACES Africa respond to the environmental concerns of our customers and
communities in which we operate.
7. ACES Africa continues to improve our environmental management systems and

ACES Africa (Pty) Ltd, Environmental Policy
Directors: A.G.Gous, I.C.Gous, C.A.Gous (CEO) – B.Eng Electronics
Breach Of Policy
Any person who does not comply with this Company Policy may face disciplinary action. This
action may be verbal, written or in serious cases – termination of employment.


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