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Integrating Solar PV, BiPV Solutions, and Energy Storage.


Efficient end-to-end execution at competitive prices, ensuring comprehensive energy solutions.


At ACES Africa, we strongly believe in promoting sustainable clean power generation at affordable prices. Our focus is on creating eco-friendly environments and enabling businesses to achieve cost-effectiveness by utilising renewable energy.



Our proficient in-house technical teams are adept at offering subcontracting services to Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) firms and Independent Power Producers (IPPs) aiming to develop enduring PV systems designed to last throughout their lifecycle.


We specialise in comprehensive project design, engineering, and end-to-end project management services, spanning from conceptualisation to commissioning. Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of project sizes, ranging from 500kWp installations to Utility-Scale projects.


We provide an extensive suite of Operations and Maintenance ("O&M") services that encompass performance management and the oversight of projects constructed by third-party entities. This involves meticulous monitoring, proactive maintenance, and optimising performance to ensure operational efficiency and longevity.


Having deployed over 31MWh of Energy Storage systems in Solar PV-based Hybrid Projects, we've cultivated internal expertise in crafting Container and prefab Energy Storage Solutions. Our proficiency includes strategic partnerships with premier battery manufacturers and Energy Storage Solution providers, ensuring cutting-edge design and implementation.


Our technology partnerships afford us access to top-tier solar technology subjected to rigorous durability testing, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. We perceive this investment as a dedicated commitment to delivering optimal returns for our clients.



We specialise in full-scale execution of Solar Glass BiPV projects, offering consulting services covering project requisites from inception to the complete commissioning of the BiPV system. Collaborating with globally renowned BiPV experts, our team ensures seamless execution tailored to your building's needs.


We've forged strategic alliances with investors and Independent Power Producers (IPPs), empowering us to offer adaptable financing solutions to our clients. These encompass a spectrum from debt procurement and wheeling to extended 25-year Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) featuring fixed escalation percentages. Crafted to assist businesses, our financing solutions aim to release cash flow for their critical operational requirements.

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